Catch My Breath

The July Project: Day 11

Once in a while you might have a day when nothing goes quite right,

and all your best-laid plans fall flat,

and you’re tired because you haven’t had enough sleep all week,

and you have a million things to do,
but everything takes longer than you thought it would,

and distractions keep cropping up,

and in your panic to get something accomplished, you relax the rules, you try to quiet the sense of panic by stuffing yourself full of snacks,

and you know you’re doing it,
but you’re in that bruised mood where you can’t be bothered to care,

and then you force yourself back to banging away on tasks that refuse to yield an inch of progress,

and finally,


finally it’s late enough in the afternoon to say, “Screw it, I’m going to the park, at least I’ll get some exercise,”

and you think to yourself for about the thousandth time:

If you can’t do everything, you can at least do something.

4 comments to Catch My Breath

  • Anne

    Amen! Back when daughter Joan was a tiny baby and I was at home with her, and the days seemed really long, and the hands on the clock refused to move…Bob would arrive home and I would say to him “ask me what I did today” and he would ask…and I would say “I kept the baby alive” and that would be about all I could really say that I accomplished. And, most days, that was enough. Once I came to terms with that, I was happy to be a stay-at-home mom.

  • Anne, I love your comment. It’s so similar to what I used to say.

    Ed, Nicely said. I love the sense of urgency in what you wrote. I’ve had those days!

  • Donna

    That damn solar eclipse has everyone in a tizzy. First we watched the history of the environmental movement in this country, which started in tandem with the hippie movement, and saw with horror how all those predictions of the late 60s are coming true. After that, I laid on the sofa and read two truly distressing magazine articles. One was the story of Marc Dreiers, a lawyer who used a Ponzi scheme to steal $380 million from 13 hedge funds to finance a hi-flyin’ lifestyle. He is currently serving 20 years in prison. Follow that with an excerpt from “Too Big To Fail,” the story of how Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs nearly went under in September 2008, (and would have taken the country down with them), and I was truly spooked. Tired, stressed from a fight with Henry, and picturing the worst financial scenario, it was a long and restless night. Everyone I talked to this morning had a rough night or a fight with a loved one or both! What made me feel better? The last of the scones with my coffee (thank you, Ed).

  • Edward F. Gumnick

    Scones—tiny islands

    of peace and tranquility

    with my love baked in.

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