Looking Back, But Not for Long

The July Project: Number 31

It took me 33 days, but I’ve made it to the end of the July Project. The main objective of this month-long blogging initiative was to devote time and attention every day to thinking and writing about my efforts to move more and eat better. Even on the three July days when I didn’t post anything, the subject was always in my thoughts, so I’m calling that goal substantially accomplished.

Another stated aim was to collect ideas that I can reflect on at some later date when I find myself struggling to move forward, and to share those ideas with anyone else for whom they might be useful. A few people have told me that these posts inspired them to work harder on their own fitness or writing goals, so in that respect, the project has been an unqualified success. Many thanks to everyone who’s been reading!

Will I return to these posts later for reflection, to see how they’re holding up over time, to check whether their lessons still feel true? I don’t know. Here at the end of the project, looking back seems much less important than looking forward. So here’s the last message I’ll offer for the July Project:

When you reach one of your goals, take a moment to enjoy your accomplishment. But after you’ve learned whatever there was to learn from this chapter of your life, keep moving forward. What you can still do today contains more power than a whole month that’s over and done. On to the next thing!

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